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You don't suck. The Judge sucks. Plain and simple.


Been there. Done that.

Judges are unpredictable creatures. And, unfair as all hell.

And for some reason the slimiest lawyers get all the breaks. I still haven't figured out why they do, but they do.

G. Spinach

Yep, I know what that's's as if the case hinges on the quality of the corn flakes the judge ate before donning the robe.
I guess that's why we call it 'practicing' law, because there's know way to know how "the law"'s gonna feel that day.

Baby Lawyer

Oh that was a nice Monday surprise -- thanks, y'all! you made me smile, and feel less inclined to vault out my window...
p.s. good observation, Spinach (G.? is that too familiar??) -- it's *exactly* like that!

la lawyer

Hang in there - I once lost an unopposed ex parte application.

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