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Thinking Fool

People are not going to learn to be good writers AFTER law school. If you don't have those skills by then, you might improve, but you're not going to become GREAT. On the other hand, the people person could probably bring in lots of clients. AND, law school exams are all writing, so maybe he just chose a bad writing sample and isn't as bad as you think. Plus, he'll probably fuck more summer associates and that's always good for your firm's reputation. I'm not exactly sure how, but I'm certain it is.

Baby Lawyer

Huh. So, like, next year's recruiting slogan could be "You'll really enjoying *coming* to work here"? (Are really bad sex puns less awful than regular puns? nope, didn't think so.)

Thinking Fool

Or maybe even "You'll really enjoy *coming* here." :-) Ha. I think it's brilliant. ;-)

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